CF Greenhouses

CF Greenhouses is a wholesale supplier of seasonal potted plants. CF supplies major retail chains, superstores and independent outlets across Ontario and into the United States. CF products are either shipped on metal rolling racks or in closed cases pending on the program.

CF Greenhouses has grown enough potted plants in the last 10 years to cover Ontario.

That's a lot of happiness, and a lot of high quality plant life bearing the CF name, spread around the province. Our brand is recognizable; our plants and flowers unparalleled.

That's because CF Greenhouses is a leader in growing technology. Whether it's finding newer and better mixtures of soil and fertilizer, or more cost efficient and environmentally friendly methods of powering their operations, CF Greenhouses is always making progress.

It's their way of being a credit to their community: by extending their Leamington roots and watching greenhouse innovation blossom and propagate in their own backyard.

Founded in 1953 by Floyd Cacciavillani, the CF Greenhouses operation has grown to encompass 15 acres of growing and space, supporting year-round propagation of flowers, plants, and vegetables.

The CF Greenhouse year is divided into five programs:

As the flagship industry of CF Groups, CF Greenhouses continues to be family-owned and operated-four generations strong.